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New "On The Go" Vision

Following some months of reflexion about how i can make my passion for photography evolve, i've decided to try another philosophy !

Teaming my passion with my work i'll try to create and share a solution for "On The Go" photographers, like reporters, travellers, etc...

By "solution" i mean a technical environment for everything needed by a photographer during his journey, no matter if it's for travelling, working, or just because he's not in a "home" place.

In the next weeks or months, i'll write some updates about how i'll try to change my way of being a photographer.

For now, exit heavy camera, computers... And welcome to tablets, hybrid camera, and private cloud services !

To be continued...

OTG - Defining the photographer needs - Part 1 - The Camera

OTG - Define the photographer needs - Part 2 - The Lab

OTG - Define the photographer needs - Part 3 - Publication

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