Iceland 2015

Photographs from Iceland in 2015


A long time ago ... in Egypt


What a "cloudy" place !

Switzerland - Geneva

Around the Leman's Lake

France - Tours

My City, My hearth, the beginning of my photographic adventure !

France - Bretagne

It's about time and blue !

Luxembourg - Echternach

a.k.a "la petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise"

Luxembourg - Scheidgen

Fred Welter's Hike

Iceland 2017

As a local say "Winter is finally coming"

Ireland 2017

Northern Ireland Roadtrip

Ireland 2017 - B&W

Because sometimes black & white is more adapted

Germany 2019

Travelling around Europe bring you sometimes to surprising places, here are some you can find in Germany.

Luxembourg - Train 1900

A beautiful place full of old trains